SARIAN FARM which specializes in exotic fruit trees is very easy to locate. It is found along the national road in Teresa, Rizal, about 30 meters on the right side before the Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo City. There is a big arch at the boundary.
If you are coming from Manila with your own ride, take Ortigas Avenue Extension and drive all through Antipolo City down to Teresa. You will pass through a zigzag road before reaching the town of Teresa. If you take a jeep or bus, make sure that the vehicle you take passes through Antipolo City proper and not through the town of Angono.
SARIAN FARM offers superior varieties of fruit trees, both local and imported. These include Abiu from Brazil, variegated orange, imported makopa varieties, selected carabao mangoes, imported mango varieties from Taiwan (Golden Queen), Australia (Peach Mango or R2E2), Thailand (Many Babies, Eating Green, Chokanan); Longkong lanzones from Thailand, Duku lanzones, pummelos from Thailand, Vietnam, Florida (USA) and of course from the Philippines (Magallanes). We also have seedlings of latexless jackfruit and pomegranate from India and Israel.
For further information, call or text us at 0917-841-5477 or Rose Banzuela at 0915-434-4216.


Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees (SEFT) is the home of a wide array of superior fruit trees, both imported and indigenous varieties. It is located in Teresa, Rizal which is the next town to Antipolo City.

Owned and operated by Zac B. Sarian, it is located  along Sumulong Road, 30 meters before Teresa-Morong boundary. There’s a big arch at the boundary.

The vision of Zac B. Sarian has been to assemble a collection of superior mother fruit trees so that they could be multiplied in big numbers. This way, fruit farmers will have a place where they can source their planting materials.

Today, the farm has become a favorite destination of fruit farmers wanting to know the latest developments in fruit trees. Commercial growers as well as hobbyists often visit the place, not only to buy planting materials but also to taste the fruits in season. Groups of farmers and government agriculturists from Leyte and Samar, Cagayan, Pangasinan, Ilocos, Marinduque, Las Pinas City, Batangas and elsewhere have visited the place.

These exotic fruit trees include the following:

1. LATEXLESS JACKFRUIT – This produces fruits with plump orange flesh. When ripe, the inside of the fruit is latexless so there’s no need to put oil on the fingers when separating the edible from the inedible portion. Seedlings usually bear fruit in 2.5 years.

2. ABIU – This is a native of Brazil. It tastes somewhat like the caimito but with less latex. It bears yellow fruits in four years from planting. Fruiting may be twice or more in one year.

3. LONGKONG LANZONES – This variety is from Thailand, very sweet, often seedless and latex-free. Fruits sell more than twice the price of the native variety.

4. DUKU LANZONES – This is another outstanding variety, sweet and latex-free. It has thicker skin so it has longer shelf life.

5. RAMBUTAN – We have 3 varieties- R-5, a first prize-winner in the 1996 Fruit Search; Super Red is still rare in the market but superior; Rongrein, fruitful variety from Thailand.

6. VIETNAM PUMMELOS – Two varieties, the white and red. Big, 1.5 to 3 kg. each, sweet and juicy; flesh readily separates from skin.  We also have pummelos from Thailand, and a superior selection of Magallanes pummelo.

7. KEY LIME – A very juicy variety with usually only two seeds. Very nice flavor. We also have native Dayap, Persian Lime, Meyer Lemon.

8. VARIEGATED ORANGE – Has variegated fruits and leaves (green, yellow and white). Very sweet and juicy.

9. JAPANESE ORANGE – A small variety with medium-size fruits that are sweet and juicy. Highly suitable for planting in containers.

10. LUZ CALAMANSI – This is the variety from Thailand which has usually 2 seeds only. Very juicy. We also have the attractive Variegated Calamansi.

11. SWEET KAMIAS – Not sour. Very good for use in green salad.

12. IMPORTED MAKOPA – We have Star Ruby, Green, Maroon (apple makopa), Golden Makopa, Chompupet, Mini Makopa. All very nice to eat, fleshy. Good for growing in containers.

13. RED CRIOLLO CACAO – This is an ever-bearing variety from Brazil. Starts fruiting in 18 months.

14. MANGOES – We have Golden Queen, Golden Phoenix, R2-E2 (Peach mango), Eating Green, Chokanan and Lubdok from Thailand; Guimaras and Sweet Elena carabao mango.

15. MANGOSTEEN – This is variety from Mindanao.

16. SEEDLESS GUAVA – Very nice to eat, can be grown in the ground and in containers. Limited supply. Also being propagated is pink guava from Vietnam.

17. SWEET TAMARIND – This is a variety from Bangkok. Can be grown in the ground as well as in containers.

18. GIANT AND SEEDLESS DUHAT – These are grafted planting materials.

19. BANGKOK SANTOL – Big and fleshy fruits.

20. GUYABANO – Seedlings from big fruits.

21. INDIAN BLACK PEPPER – Paniyur variety with long fruit spikes. Double the yield of the native variety.

22. POMEGRANATE – From Israel, big fruits.

23. VARIEGATED CHICO – Has attractive variegated leaves, prolific bearer of medium-size fruits that are very sweet.

24. OTHER CHICOS – With bigger fruits are Mapino, Yusepeng and Ponderosa varieties.

25. RED-FLESHED DRAGON FRUIT – Will bear fruit in two years from planting. This variety is much sweeter than the white-fleshed variety.

26. CURRY TREE – Fresh leaves are used for cooking instead of powder from the supermarket. Can be grown in container or in the ground.

27. DURIAN – We have Monthong and Malaysian Hybrid. With superior taste. Malaysian Hybrid has fruits that weigh an average of 2 kg., very nice flavor and attractive chrome yellow flesh.

28. MIRACLE FRUIT – Synsepalum dulcificum. This is a curiosity plant. When you chew the flesh of the fruit, the sour fruits you will eat like green carabao mango of calamansi will taste sweet.

29. MAMA SITA BANANA – Variety from Thailand, fruits like a combination of Saba and Latundan. Very sweet when ripe. Can be used in making banana chips, banana-cue. Tissue-cultured planting materials bear fruit in one year.

30. PULASAN – From Malaysia, in the process of marcotting. Already bearing in Teresa.


  1. Hi! May Rimas (breadfruit) po kayo? Matagal na akong naghahanap nun, yung seeded breadfruit (kamansi) mayroon na akong naitanim, gusto ko sana magtanim din ng Rimas. Within QC lang po ako. Email ko po

  2. Hello! I'm a student and currently doing my research regarding dragon fruit. I'm just wondering where specifically or the address of your Teresa farm,'coz I coincidentally living also in Teresa, Rizal. I want to visit the farm and learn more of the said exotic fruit. Thanks po and More power!

  3. Do you have nam doc mai? Thai variety which rivals the tastiness of carabao. Also with thinner seed and more Rot resistance to anthracnose.It is thais top export.

  4. san po kaya available dito sa Oriental Mindoro ang Power Combo Grower?

  5. hi! id'd appreciate if you can post some info on where to buy greenhouse materials..

  6. Mam we are from Davao Del sur and we are interested of the Power Grower Combo. Is there any available here in Davao City? Please give us the address of your outlet in Davao if there is any. Thank You. My address: Eliezer P. Jugalbot, Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, Philippines

    1. text your name and address to 0917-841-5477 and you will receive a textback telling you how you can buy Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem.

  7. Sir/Mam we are interested with the power grower. ilang pack po ba ang recommended for one hectare sugarcane field?

  8. 5 packs of half kg. Power Grower Combo per hectare of sugarcane.

  9. How can I contact Naty Abrigo of Calauan, Laguna?
    You featured her last week in Panorama.
    Thnaks, nanding bongao

  10. Hello sir Zac,

    How can i get in touch with Alex /or King Carlos who were featured in CAttle Investment Scheme for OFWs. I already emailed you in your gmail account.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  11. Hello Sir Zac,
    Saw your article of Seedless Guavas in Panorama.
    Just wanted to know where can i purchase these plants?

    thank you for your help

  12. any by chance meron kang Fuyu Persimmon sir?

  13. may mabibili na po bang pananim na pulasan rambutan sa inyo at kung meron ay magkano?

  14. hI Mr. Zac! I am interested to visit your farm as I am preparing my retirement and want to pursue farming and planting exotic fruits interest me. I wish to buy to plant in my farm in Camarines Sur.


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